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Conductor:  Ed Evans

Violin:         Kathy McKienzie

                      Jim Castro

                      Kendra Wilkes

                      Luis Rosado

                      Charlotte Lynne

                      Serena Le Duc 

Viola:            Kathy Johnson


Cello:            Kathy Johnson

                     Anne Jones

String Bass:  Marcia Sanborn
                       Rich Clemenson 

Synth Bass:  Beth Wing

Bassoon:      Kevin Lindow

Flute:            Sandra Mercer

                      Holly Paynor

                      Laurel Weightman


Piccolo/Flute: Crystal Cooper

Clarinet:       Robin Jodoi

                      Isanie S Surratt

                      Paul Donahue

                      Lisa Wright

Bass Clarinet:   tba

Oboe:           Tom Donahue


Trumpet:      Ralph Sailer

                       Terry McKienzie

                       Raymond Colon


Trombone:   Robert Johnson

                       Dale Surratt


French Horn: Dr. Sandy Lamphier

                        Michele Wilson

                        Bruce Locklier

Tuba:            Mickey Sentif

                      Dylan Kiefreider

Percussion:  Debra Sailer (drums/timp)

                      Jean McNary (mallet perc)

                      Dr. Mel McGavern (timp)

                      Jorge Ortiz-Vega                  

Piano:            Sharon Brant




If you are at least 18 years of age, ARE OR WERE a musicianat the advanced high school to professional level andwish to contribute your talents to thisendeavor,click on the Participate button for more info.