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The conceptual vision of founder Kathy

McKienzie to see a full orchestra, made up

of local volunteering residents, bringing all

genres of orchestral music (classical, pops,

movie, broadway, holiday etc) to the Dade

City community began in 2007.  There it

remained just an "idea" for the next 3


In late 2010, with the growing enthusiasm

of the dedicated core St. Mary's

instrumentalists and the support from the

St. Mary's Episcopal Church of Dade City's

music director and staff, the quest to build

this quality community performance group


A continuosly evolving ensemble, we

began our journey in December of 2010

with an "in-house" church Holiday

performance as well as an appearance at

the Church Street Christmas Stroll.

Our 2011-2012 Season kicked off on

September 25th, 2011 and was met with

great success. This was followed with well

received holiday concerts on December

17th and 22nd 2011.  Our April 28th, 2011

concert concluded our first full concert

season .

The following 8 seasons have been

met with success and great community


Join us for our 2019-2020 season as we

continue to bring new and exciting

programming for audiences of all ages!

Come be a part of the fun with the

Dade City Symphony Inc.!


If you are at least 18 years of age, ARE OR WERE a musician at the advanced high school to professional level and wish to contribute your talents to this endeavor, click on the Participate button for more info.

Dade City Symphony, Inc.

Board of Directors

Officers of the Board

President:  Laurel Weightman

Vice President:  Dr. Mel McGavern

Secretary:  Carol O'Connell

Treasurer: Linda Hauff


Jean McNary

Terry McKienzie

Kathi Boyle

Past President: Kathy McKienzie

Past Directors: Kendra Wilkes,

Sharon Brant, Tom Donahue